Hello, my name is John Murray, thanks for visiting Club Rugby TV. Like you, I've wondered how we get more exposure for the great game of Club Rugby. I have decided to take the risk of capturing & Webcasting games in the hope of building a following for Rugby & Club Rugby TV.

Club Rugby TV is a brave new adventure into sports Webcasting, thanks for joining me! My aim is to find a viable commercial model that ensures that those of us who are passionate about Club Rugby Union get to see it, enjoy it & be part of it. From the very beginning everything Club Rugby TV is trying, we are doing for the first time, whilst that's very exciting, it brings the risk of occasional service interruption- apologies in advance if this happens to you !

On the bright side, if we have a great 2012, a combination of the NBN, IPTV and the beautiful resolution of iPads means that our game could be afforded an avenue of exposure that didn't exist previously. Whilst I hope that Club Rugby TV is a success commercially, I also feel that it's success can dramatically increase the exposure and the profile of Club Rugby Union.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the webcasts and I look forward to your feed back

John Murray


Club Rugby TV